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We offer a full range of interior and exterior lighting options and electrical installation services. Whether it is one light fixture, a custom basement lighting layout or a comprehensive outdoor security lighting solution, we have the necessary tools, knowledge and experience to turn your plan into reality.
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Your North County San Diego “Electrical Service Experts” install and replace ceiling fans, attic fans, whole house fans, bathroom ventilation fans and all other electric hard-wired fans and ventilation devices. Just call us and request a no-obligation FREE estimate for your fan or ventilation electrical project. For service and scheduling, Call (760) 518-9830 Today.

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Switches and Breakers

Dimmer switches allow you to add ambience to your room by setting just the right amount of light for a dinner party or when turned all the way up, reading your favorite electrical contracting magazine (yea, right!). Call and hear how easy it is to have dimmer switches added to your home’s special areas. Call (760) 518-9830 or read more about your decorative electrical switch options.

Is the switch turned on but the light is not? Does the breaker in your electrical service panel continually trip ever though you have reset it? Are all of the damp areas in your home protected with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI outlets? Are your bedroom circuits protected by the most modern fire prevention circuit breakers like Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters or AFCIs?

If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions and “no” to either of the last two, you need to have a licensed electrical contractor on the phone recommending a solution. You could have a bad light switch, they do wear out. A constantly tripping electrical circuit breaker may mean more than you realize. GFCI protected outlets save lives. AFCIs prevent fires and since 2002, all new construction and remodels in residential bedrooms require AFCI protected circuits (lights and receptacles/outlets).
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Electrical Panels and Wiring

Your electrical service panel can handle only so much. Older homes were not designed with the future in mind. Today we enjoy microwave ovens, deep freezers, hairdryers in every bathroom, hot tubs and central air conditioning. At a certain point, and regardless the age of your home, your electrical service panel can be tapped to full capacity (all circuit breaker slots filled up). If you wish to add one more circuit to power a new appliance or device the only thing to do is upgrade to a larger size and higher capacity electric service panel box. Read more about you electrical service panel upgrade options…

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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling and Room Additions

Remodeling your kitchen/ bathroom and room additions  increase the value of your home and is an exciting prospect for most home owners. Chaney Electric is fully equipped to provide you a complete custom wiring solution to meet your Kitchen/Bathroom Remodel or Room Addition requirements. Read more and be sure to view our Remodeling Tips…

Hot Tub Hook-Ups

See our Hot Tub and Spas electrical installation section…

Whole House Surge Protection

Power surges cause tremendous damage to your valuable electrical equipment. Learn all about what you can do to protect your property from electrical power surges…


Our Guarantee

At Chaney Electric, we stand behind all of our electrical services. You will love everything we do or we will make it right, guaranteed!

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